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I advise boards and leadership teams on how to transform their business through better use of digital and data

Working with brilliant brands and startups has given me a detailed understanding of what data & tech is available and what is really needed to transform a customer facing business

I always aim to simplify this complicated landscape by providing a clear strategy and direction for my clients

Two Pens on Notebook


I help brands and business to maximise their customer data opportunity by extracting its full value and using the right people, process and technology. This includes: 

- Evaluating the customer data opportunity 

- Creating a successful first party data strategy

- Embracing AI and ML to uncover new insight 

- Delivering better marketing and communications 

- Moving away from 3rd party cookie strategies

Organized Desk


I help data & tech companies to realise the full value of their products by creating compelling value propositions and strategies. This includes:

- Competitor evaluation and market analysis 

- Developing a robust product strategy and roadmap

- Value propositions + go to market strategy 

- Distribution and acquisition strategy

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