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Staying still is not something I do very well. I've worked in construction, banking and marketing. I've been client side, agency side and created 2 businesses from scratch. I consider myself very privileged to have experienced so many varied environments, only made possible because I work in digital - the amazing thread that connects them all.

When the new decade dawned, it felt like time for a change. In January, after 8 wonderful years at WPP, I decided it was time to step out on my own and offer advisory services focused on digital and data transformation. There was always an opportunity to improve this across marketing functions, but while the sun was out, hay was being made.

Nobody could have predicted what happened next. The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted how dramatically things can change and the drastic need for transformation across so many brands. Ways of working, consumer touchpoints and business models all need rethinking - suddenly these skills are high in demand and brands are acting fast.

That's what I aim to write about here. My lens will usually focus on the transformation of content, commerce and communications, but I'll also consider the wider angle of operations, supply chains and automation. Transformation in the next decade will be fuelled by business data alongside unlimited compute power in the cloud. Together this will enable business to embrace the wonderful opportunity of AI, a general purpose technology that will power the next generation of digital services.

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